200 inclined barriers of 2m or 200 linear meters on each side of the road. Aesthetic and reassuring, they give an ideal support to enhance your partners.

These barriers respect essential safety concepts: they do not have projecting feet on the road, necessary for cycling race arrivals. It is difficult to step over them, due to their geometry.

Thanks to a perfect alignment, they give a good TV image or photo shots.

Equipped with rigid panels, the public does not hesitate to use them to create the atmosphere by tapping to encourage the athletes: but they will remain stable. Children love…

These barriers are transported in a specially equipped semi-trailer. Boxes in the lower part can accommodate advertising panels (2m x 1m). They can thus be transported from one stage to another without the organization needing an additional vehicle, dedicated to this mission.

In these boxes are also stored the weights to ballast the barriers in case of wind.

Finally, we have 10 small gates of 1m wide allowing the crossing of the road for spectators, but also creating accesses to the different spaces of the finish line.