Book to Portix one of its mobile vehicles equipped with gantry and arch in order to set-up your start of finish zones.
3 generations of solutions are available and may fit your technical requirements and your budget.


Be Hi-tech! professional space, with a smart set-up, comfortable and connected

Designed for sport events, this truck is unique is the world.

Its hydraulic moved gantry is entirely covered with LED screens. Two individual additional screens of 3 m² each are available on both sides of the truck.

That set-up allows an optimal visibility for your partners and also a dynamic broadcast any kind of information, such as live TV, live timing, video clips, animated logos, …

Inside the truck, the working space is a surface of 50 m² split into 4 pre-cabled, comfortable and air-conditioned cells. This is the ideal space for photo finish, timing, jury, medias or the organizer’s office. Two isolated cells host the pubic announcer or medias commentators.

Enjoy the 35 m² large terrace with a direct view on the finish line: 30 persons maximum, with an easy access separated from the working space.

Set-up time of 40 minutes, one single operator.


This structure may fit your start / finish zone or an intermediate timing point. Its hydraulic moved gantry allows a quick set-up, with one single operator.

The inside working space is of 20 m², smart and air-conditioned.

In the front/left side extension, timekeepers or judges have a direct sight on the finish line.

The terrace on the structure’s roof host a maximum of 20 persons.

Aside the working space, you will find a zone smartly equipped with fridge, washpoint, lavatory and coffee machine.


This extended arch is useful for start or finish areas, intermediate timing point or the last kilometer point, and so on…

This is a very low surface consuming structure, since the arche is cantileverd, ie. without being supported at their outer end.
On one side, the cabin with windows is heated or air-conditioned, equipped with tables and seats for the timing crew and judges. Its surface is of 9 m².