Multipurpose events trucks

Portix provides you with several very versatile mobile structures.

Flex 3

Are you organizing a long-term roadshow or a one-off event and want to welcome your guests in a personalized place with high added value?

The Flex 3 double-extension event semi-trailer offers you a total area of 55m², which can be tailored to your needs in the press room, exhibition room, training area, changing room or even in a showroom for the presentation of your products.

Its completely flat floor is ideal for receiving your customers and its 3 openings allow you to create and organize a sense of circulation to better manage your guests during operations.

> Indoor reception area of 55m².

> 2 side extensions allow a completely flat floor over the entire surface.

> Fully convertible according to your needs.

> Main entrance through automatic glass door with hydraulic opening awning and secure staircase with guardrail.

> Installation in 20 minutes

flex 2

Semi-trailer installed in less than 15 minutes, this structure offers a work surface of 35 m² distributed in 2 different spaces with independent access.

7 cells can accommodate 2 to 3 people each with a direct view of the finish line thanks to large bay windows, ideal for TV, radio and internet commentators.

Air conditioned, equipped with plenty of storage, fridge, sink and coffee maker, this space provides all the comfort for its occupants. Installed in a technical area, it can also be used as a permanence / headquarters / organizing office.

It’s the perfect product for commentators on your events.